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Web Video Production Upwork.com


Web Video Production Upwork.com!

SwiftAdz.com Web Video Production Upwork.com makes things much easier!
Every place you look online there is a video about something new. A video explaining a do it yourself project or some kind of other topic for almost any search out there. How can your business make a new video? Swiftadz.com Web Video Production and Upwork is changing the way that companies are finding talent and sourcing creative individuals who pride themselves in working online as freelancers and content creators.

I am a Upwork freelancer and have been for more than a year now, aside from the excellent additional income it has provided, it has given me the chance to meet many types of business owners and work on a broad variety of projects from around the world. Web Video Production Upwork.com and swiftadz.com has made it very easy to showcase my skills as a content creator, video producer and editor.


Web Video Production on Upwork.com


Over the past 12 years I have created every type media project you can think of from Television to web video and national product advertisements. Upwork has opened up a whole new global marketplace that allows me be a part of projects I would never have a chance to see in past years. My Profile is on Up Work and I get project invites all the time for things like Video editing, Photo editing, Green Screen editing and After Effects video creations. If you would like to Invite me on Upwork you can find my profile here at https://www.upwork.com/o/profiles/users/_~01f8eb60e359d8a1c7/


I have been operating swiftadz.com as a marketing and advertising agency that focuses on helping companies boost their online presence through Video SEO, social media videos and Blog content. I help Companies grow.  

Video SEO is a great way to save money on a tight marketing budget. Many companies make professional videos with an agency like SwiftAdz.com instead of paying for monthly services elsewhere because videos work. Everyone wants to watch a video instead of reading, well almost everyone! ­čÖé Some people enjoy the mental exercise of reading as well as watching videos. A good method for companies is to mix your blog with your videos, so different kinds of learning abilities can understand the content the same. Most people choose video because it is a faster way of learning and absorbing info, so you have the ability to move onto implementing that knowledge immediately.

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Web Video Production on Upwork.com

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