Sponsored Facebook ads

Sponsored Facebook ads


Sponsored Facebook ads

Putting up Sponsored FaceBook ads with Text and a Photo on FaceBook might seem like a “no Brainer” to get your business’s message across but is it really the next step you should take?

In todays over saturated Digital market place how do you stand out?

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Here at Swiftadz.com we say that it all depends on your approach and your message and your Video! We promote Video for Facebook Sponsored ads and we produce your video campaign to get your message across and entice your potential customers we say that –



Giving people more info about what you do, increases your transparency, that can quickly translate into a trusting purchase!

Making Facebook ads work for you


Video Searches are 75% of search engine queries today and by 2019 that number will be closing in on 90% of content searched online!!!!  

Why you ask? Video is Fast Informative and there’s no Reading Required!


Creating Sponsored Facebook ads

When you have a moment to browse FaceBook look at the sponsored FaceBook ads and take note of how it appeals to you or not. We understand what customers browsing FaceBook want to see and we take the guess work out of Sponsored Facebook ads. Video is sweeping FaceBook marketing and the smartest marketers have already taken advantage of the huge potential of viewers and exposure. Contact us today for a FREE demo on how you can Track your results from the videos we produce.


Realtime Data with Sponsored Facebook ads

See Realtime Data and make decisions for content and marketing approaches based on desired conversions and click funnel results. We make your Facebook marketing process simple and we offer turnkey solutions as well as completely custom designed social media marketing plans that are specifically tailored to your exact needs.

Whether you want a monthly solution for your blog content, or you need  a strategy for Facebook ads we have you covered. Turn your exposure on Facebook and social media into paying customers.

We offer automated Solutions that we handle and strategies that you can manage for yourself whether you’re a novice to the social media world or you’re a seasoned marketing expert we have a solution to address your exact need.



By Swiftadz.com


Sponsored Facebook ads


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