Freelancers Vs Egos in the workplace

Freelancers – Traditional Workplace VS Working Smarter, healthier and for more money!!

Future workplaces will look more like the computer in a Freelancers house instead of a computer at your desk in a emotionless office building somewhere.

Egos in the workplace and freelancing: The world of freelancing has its ups and a few downs here and there just like any job; but the grin inducing yet enormous feeling of freedom once you get away from your previous employer and start employing yourself will make you feel so much better.

( NOTE to “Bosses” ) Once you learn to ditch your ego of –  “hey you have to show up at nine to listen to my stupid story about blah blah blah…” –  Don’t waste people’s time cause you feel fictionally important.

That’s not a leader that’s a follower gathering other followers together in a room to relate to each other and feel great about their lack of drive and personal motivation.

You will probably just end up hiring a bunch of freelancers, and save on your electric bill and office space for that matter; do you need to stand behind your employees cubicles because it makes you feel all warm inside? Here’s a tip don’t stand behind someone while they work for you, when you can do it digitally lol. 

With freelancers you get so much more done. You can do things that you would never be able to accomplish with traditional local candidates working for you. All while working from where ever you want to work from get it. This really only applies to computer jobs FYI relax.


Hey guys I’m going to drive in traffic for – 2 hours of my day– to sit at a desk connected to the internet is utterly stupid.

Freelancers vs egos in the workplace

Our antiquated social way of operating and conducting ourselves in the business and office place has not caught up with modern technological times for most companies.


Working on your own time to get the task completed by a set deadline has become the number one reason freelancers freelance, and the number one reason companies hire to take care of all their video and content needs!

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