IGTV Instagram’s newest release. In a direct attempt to compete with youtube and its very own parent company you may know called facebook – Instagram just launched IGTV which will allow up to 1 hour videos and users will be able to monetize their content. A lot of people are happy about this new change in the app but a lot of people think that it’s kind of a step away from what Instagram really is. I think it’s a good thing. Seems like more and more social media companies and apps are beginning to emulate each other more and more with video integration.


With all these moves towards video its seems like the entire world is gravitating towards video due to its ease of communication and ability to be shared so fast! Utilizing video is now becoming the number one Choice for many business owners who are looking for new avenues to advertise their business and also grow exponentially.


IGTV video has new and unique users, that already understand video but now they will be able to upload longer content and I think this is going to dramatically increase user activity as well as opportunities for all types of people across the platform globally. More and more business owners are turning to digital advertisements such a social media IGTV, Instagram and YouTube video ads Etc. because television ads only have so much reach.


TV Ads vs Digital Ads


Understanding that you can capitalize on a global audience means a lot more than your local television or even National Television ads which may run you thousands of dollars. The trick is to create high-quality television like premium content but then promote it on the internet and social media sites for a fraction of the cost.


The reach is global so for online retailers and any business online, putting videos online is the best way to advertise and reach a global audience !





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