Digital advertising - online or TV?

Digital advertising – Online or TV?

Digital Advertising

In this technologically amazing digital age of advertising online, is it worth spending your money on television ads with your brand or your company?


Where do you see the most ROI with TV or online?


Well that could depend on your audience and a huge number of other factors but it seems that more of the elderly and aging crowd still pays attention to TV ads where as the younger crowd stares at their phone all day long.

Since facebook is changing and ever evolving, is facebook ads your best choice for ads or is there another way of reaching your audience? Digital advertising and the tools that are available on facebook are great don’t get me wrong.

Is facebook the end all be all of digital ad platforms? Definitely not.

Valuable Content

Youtube, google advertising, adwords, and adsense are tools that really make your efforts and research with hard data much more valuable than others.

The simple ability to make money off of your own digital content makes the whole platforms value increase, by that simple fact. The ad revenue lost is making television advertising conglomerates very sad. Since ad sales are probably down by leaps and bounds as a result of the ever changing marketplace that will need to evolve and adapt to the new trends, tools, and platforms that really are the future of advertising.

The next generation will see “television”, digital content, and ads on devices we cannot begin to imagine yet.

The tools for digital advertising are available to everyone online, but not everyone has the time, that’s where we come in, we produce or just point you in the right way.

Let us know what your goals are in TV or digital advertising and we can steer you in the right direction to get the best ROI that you can. has helped hundreds of clients grow their company’s online and on television if you need consultation or professional video editing or production click here.













Digital advertising – Online or TV?


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