hurricane season covid-19

Hurricane Season COVID-19

Hurricane Season COVID-19

With Hurricane Season upon us and Covid-19 still changing the environment of customer interactions across the world everyday, many businesses are choosing to produce more online content than ever before.

“Online video content surges during a global pandemic when everyone is reliant on the Internet and Television for information, work, and human interaction!!!!!!!!”

This might be the best time to start creating new content for your website and your business to actively use on social media to find your customers. We have created content that has produced hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions in sales for businesses who choose to “go online” in a video. Hurricane season adds a new dimension to this pandemic here in the United States but COVID-19 has changed the world. Online sales are up across every platform that sells products or services online. People are looking for your services and products and the only thing that really will distinguish you from the competition is fresh and new content. Videos can have a shelf-life and people want to see you constantly out there gaining the trust and attention of your customer. COVID-19 Has all sorts of different implications for your business one way to Bring Value to your customer is to share updates online in a video as a passive advertisement to get your point across!

We also provide social media management consultation on Facebook ads LinkedIn ads and any other platform you can imagine. We offer great deals for ongoing clients and can put you in front of thousands of people today for a flat rate cost.

Take a look at some recent videos created for Instagram and a variety of platforms many people are now choosing to create vertical and square content and only aiming to be mobile friendly because nearly all traffic comes from mobile devices.

Recent Videos Created!




Hurricane Season COVID-19

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