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Corporate Video Production South Florida

Corporate Video Production South Florida

Step By Step Guide:
For creating your first corporate video production 

Take the guesswork out of your next production and utilize the power of video to harness a new social media presence that will drive customers to your business and increase traffic online.

1.Brainstorming – Looking for ideas should be the first step see what works what you like what you think will be appealing to your audience! Analytical Data can make decisions more logical and less risky. Corporate videos can be found on Youtube, Vimeo and Directly embedded into websites!

2.Idea-Message-Script – The script should be the first thing that you finish and have ready to fill in the blanks for the rest of the production along with ideas as specific and descriptive as possible to avoid confusion during production. Many times guidelines for a script are given to us to create a more communicable script that appeals to a specific audience who may be interested in the content; Mainly because the corporation wanting the video doesn’t have a visual writer or needs a more creative tone altogether.

3.Technical Script -The written script now becomes the instructions for the rest of the production and the technical script. Having this framework speeds up the production process greatly. You can look over the script to see where and when you want to add graphics, music, voice over and anything you want to add or create within the production. The written script can become a reference point for the secondary tech script you make that pertain to more finite details such as the speed at which the script is being paced – ( the opening statement “X” in the commercial takes 5 seconds to say so during these five seconds of statement “X” have “this” music and “this” animation plays etc, then onto the next point in the script. This helps a lot with animated explainers when voice overs timing have to correlate logically to what you are seeing. Makes everything simple to see planned ahead of time. Many times we are asked to Create the Technical Script because we can visualize more effectively into how the final outcome will look for your Corporate video!

4.Production – When you’re searching the web for your next production professionals just remember that many companies will keep you in the dark behind the production process and charge you for every little part of the production with little to no consultation whatever. Here at we have Decades of corporate video Production experience from large corporate campaigns to global advertising online across multiple platforms and markets. Give us a call today or send us your Script for immediate FeedBack and a Production Quote!


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