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Viral Video VS PPC ads campaign

Viral Video VS PPC


Viral Video VS PPC – A viral video can be more powerful than pay-per-click (PPC) ads for several reasons:

  1. Organic Reach: When a video goes viral, it has the potential to reach a massive audience organically, without the need for advertising spend. People willingly share viral videos with their friends, family, and social networks, leading to exponential growth in viewership. In contrast, PPC ads rely on a targeted approach and require ongoing investment to maintain visibility.
  2. Credibility and Trust: Viral videos often come across as authentic and genuine, which can build trust and credibility with viewers. People tend to trust content that is shared by their peers or that has gained popularity through organic means. PPC ads, on the other hand, are perceived as paid promotions, which can make viewers skeptical about the claims being made.
  3. Emotional Impact: Viral videos often evoke strong emotional responses, whether it’s laughter, awe, surprise, or empathy. Emotionally engaging content tends to be more memorable and shareable, leading to increased brand awareness and potential customer engagement. PPC ads, while effective in their own right, may struggle to create the same emotional connection with viewers.
  4. Cost-Effectiveness: Viral videos can provide significant exposure at little to no cost, especially if they are created and shared organically. On the other hand, PPC ads require ongoing financial investment to maintain visibility. While PPC ads offer precise targeting options, reaching a large audience through PPC campaigns can be expensive, particularly in competitive markets.
  5. Longevity: Viral videos have the potential for long-term impact. Once a video gains viral status, it can continue to generate views, shares, and engagement over an extended period, providing a lasting brand impression. PPC ads, on the other hand, have a limited lifespan tied to the budget allocated for the campaign.

However, it’s important to note that not all viral videos are successful in achieving marketing goals, and PPC ads can still be highly effective for specific targeting, immediate results, and precise tracking and measurement. The power of a viral video lies in its potential for massive reach, authenticity, emotional impact, and cost-effectiveness, but it should be seen as one element within a broader marketing strategy.



Digital advertising - online or TV?

Digital advertising – Online or TV?

Digital Advertising

In this technologically amazing digital age of advertising online, is it worth spending your money on television ads with your brand or your company?


Where do you see the most ROI with TV or online?


Well that could depend on your audience and a huge number of other factors but it seems that more of the elderly and aging crowd still pays attention to TV ads where as the younger crowd stares at their phone all day long.

Since facebook is changing and ever evolving, is facebook ads your best choice for ads or is there another way of reaching your audience? Digital advertising and the tools that are available on facebook are great don’t get me wrong.

Is facebook the end all be all of digital ad platforms? Definitely not.

Valuable Content

Youtube, google advertising, adwords, and adsense are tools that really make your efforts and research with hard data much more valuable than others.

The simple ability to make money off of your own digital content makes the whole platforms value increase, by that simple fact. The ad revenue lost is making television advertising conglomerates very sad. Since ad sales are probably down by leaps and bounds as a result of the ever changing marketplace that will need to evolve and adapt to the new trends, tools, and platforms that really are the future of advertising.

The next generation will see “television”, digital content, and ads on devices we cannot begin to imagine yet.

The tools for digital advertising are available to everyone online, but not everyone has the time, that’s where we come in, we produce or just point you in the right way.

Let us know what your goals are in TV or digital advertising and we can steer you in the right direction to get the best ROI that you can.

Swiftadz.com has helped hundreds of clients grow their company’s online and on television if you need consultation or professional video editing or production click here.













Digital advertising – Online or TV?


Youtube ads and proximity advertising

Youtube Ads and proximity advertising

One of the best and most effective ways to advertise your business is through web videos and YouTube ads, through the power of proximity advertising. What is YouTube ads and what is proximity advertising? YouTube ads are something you can pay for on YouTube to actively promote your videos and drive more traffic to them, proximity advertising is the effect that happens when you make a video on YouTube around your business.

Okay let’s say you have a business and you’re in the service industry and you do home repair if you make a video on some specifics to home repair like “Fixing a door” or a video specific to something that someone probably will search for in the future then you will get views and traffic to your website through an indirect method of advertising or proximity advertising just getting people interested in what you’re talking about whether you’re a chiropractor, mechanic or a CEO of a large corporation.

With YouTube’s platform a video sharing personal customizable channels and a global user Network you can find literally any video topic on YouTube; Type in do it yourself Log Cabin there you go there’s like 10 videos on how to make your own Log Cabin, type in how to make the best chocolate chip cookies, boom there’s like 20 recipes on how to make chocolate cookies on the first results page.


“Youtube ads are in the pockets of your customers literally on their smartphones having this close proximity to the consumer is highly valuable.” – Swiftadz.com

When someone wants to find something out and no good answers are nearby, people usually turn to a search engine like Google to ask a question and increasingly video results are being clicked on over articles cause you guessed it; You don’t have to read a video, you see, hear and get a sense of the topic you are searching for most often time backed up by an article you can also read if you want.

Contact us today about making your very own Youtube Ad for your Own youtube channel featuring high production value, editing and a professional crew!

VR headset

VR Headset

360 Video Production

Technology has taken leaps and bounds and the addition of the VR Headset is an amazing new advancement in the entertainment, advertising and marketing worlds. You now can literally be in a live environment digitally with audio and visuals as if you were actually in the room. With a live VR feed you can put on your VR headset and look left, right, up, and down in pre recorded virtual reality footage or a live streaming camera that is video angles from every direction that are virtually stitched together to create a 360 degree virtual world that you can experience and move through virtual space like a video game world.


The applications for this awesome new technology are endless, you can imagine all the different experiences you can now have minus the sense of smell and touch and taste in the virtual realm. Looking for a certain VR headset? There are many options to choose from in the VR headset market from google to oculus, samsung and many more. Visit SwiftAdz.com for web design video production and SEO Specialists to take your marketing campaign to the next level and bring your ROI where it needs to be greatly improving your visitors experiences on your website or social media pages! SwiftAdz.com or call us at 561.350.0675


Virtual Reality

Take your next video with a awesome new VR 360 camera and you can be right back wherever you filmed the footage as soon as you put on your headset and look around. We know that there are many new applications where you can implement this technology in that are not being used yet; agricultural, industrial and many industries where looking around in the actual environment is crucial and necessary to be able to observe mechanical processes or 360 views to be able to monitor production in environments not suitable or hazardous for humans to be in.
The VR headset is taking many existing technologies to the next level by offering the first person view (FPS) or point of view (POV) angle and adding that to things like remote controlled drones for a view that you can only see if you literally look out the window of an airplane. The next experience that you have could now be in the virtual realm with a sleek new VR headset the infinite possibilities of this device are only in its infant stages, you may never need to take a vacation again!!

SwiftAdz.com has the experience and knowledge to create VR headset video for your business your next live streaming event or any other 360 video you want to create we can provide you with precise consultation and also create a pre production plan for any ideas you have for creating a VR headset 360 degree video. SwiftAdz.com understands the ever changing options that you have with video production, web design and SEO content. We know what you need to focus on to get your website results on the first page!

VR Headset



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