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The 4 C's to Grow Your Business

The 4 C’s to Grow Your Business

Are you looking for trustworthy solutions to grow your business and get new leads? 

You may be asking yourself : 

Whats the difference between you and other businesses or professionals in the same industry?

Social Media Following? Videos? Blogs? Case Studies?

Do you have a marketing plan?

Do you create weekly content?  

Is there a simple solution for connecting with potential customers?

Yes there is!!!!!! And it all starts with Content.

Consistent Content Creates Customers 

When you put yourself in front of your following everyday you get the chance to be seen and shared with others as a trusted voice in your industry.

Tips and Advice and valuable content gets shared especially if it’s Valuable, True, Funny or Entertaining.

Do you want to create video content & expand your following? Do you have limited time every month?


Technology has changed the way we meet and do business and almost everyone has access to cameras and Zoom meetings!

Are you searching for that streamline solution for digital content, that’s Done for you every week?  

We Create Content and plans for optimal delivery and scheduling to get in front of your clientele when they are online and looking! 

Ask us how to Grow and expand your business with just one meeting every month! 

We offer Daily Weekly and Monthly Solutions to help you check off social media marketing on your TO DO LIST!

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Explainer Video

We offer all types of editing and video solutions for all industries and have created content for companies both big and small we understand that you have a lot on your plate as a business professional and we want to help you grow and be successful. SAVE 50% off for referring friends and family and get great low rates for ongoing subscriptions!

The 4 C's to Grow Your Business

Snapchat Ad Campaign

Snapchat Ad Campaign

Snapchat Ad Campaign VS traditional Media. Snapchat’s Platform is great and really offers some of the newest and most technically innovative types of mobile advertisement available. The Snapchat ads platform just made their ads so you can’t skip them, meaning that ads are going to appear in between your friends stories and will be making more of an impression on its viewers alike.

Snapchat Ad Campaign

Not giving viewers the option to skip your ads is a bold step from any platform posting advertisement. Ages 13 to 30+ are on Snapchat as the older Generations are just now figuring out Instagram.

The ad platform for Snapchat is great at reaching younger generations being the most common video messaging app combined along with text messaging.  This app basically combines apps that we already regularly they use everyday into one multi-function application that’s fun and simple.

The reason why this app is so popular is that it’s very simple and practical. Advertising your blog or your business can be very effective with a Snapchat Ad Campaign, in a new faster more intimate way.

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Try Snapchat Ads today!

Create Custom Demographics and Audiences

By putting your Advert in front of your chosen audience in a new creative video graphic kind of way; SnapChat is a great method to use to increase traffic and build interest around your brand cause or project!

With the ability to select certain types of viewers who are going to be seeing your ad based on income, location, demographics, age, Etc. You can Custom Tailor your advertisement to be specifically appealing or interesting for your Target customer!

Why not give a Snapchat ad campaign a chance and contact us today at Swiftadz.com to manage and create your very own custom Snapchat ads for your business message today and get out in front of the crowd!


More info – https://businesshelp.snapchat.com/en-US

Video Production Cost

Video production cost

Video production cost?


Answering the age old question of Video production cost is quite subjective, depending on who you are asking. Some companies charge hundreds some charge thousands some tens of thousands.


How do you know what your video production cost should be?

And how do you choose the right producer for you?


In Some cases cost are elevated due to the nature of the business like a cruise ship company that wants to showcase hundreds of locations or take multiple days just to shoot the video. Most of the cost attributed to your production comes from the amount of time it will take to gather all the video footage you want, interviews or b-roll or aerials.


Every piece of media we produce is thoughtfully budgeted and planned for your approval before any part of the production process begins assuring that the process is easy, transparent and there are no last minute surprises from the business or the production team. We have the goal in mind for your exposure and success if you are not satisfied with outcome then neither are we.


Our Video Production Cost


on average is about $500-$800 for a half day rate shoot about 5 hours of recording. The cost of editing goes way down with proper planning and a whole video Ad can cost under $1,500 with the right plan and implementation. This varies greatly though to the type of Ad you want to create.


A simple Animated 30 second ad from Swiftadz.com with a voice over would cost about $475.00 on average. The more complex the project the more time and money it takes to plan and complete. Sometimes the best messages are the most simple. Video Production Cost when put into the perspective of gaining one or two new customers becomes very achievable and with the right plan the production will pay for itself in a very short time after distribution and social media sharing.

By Swiftadz.com

Video production cost


web video promotion

Web Video Promotion


Web Video Advertisement

Swiftadz.com offers video promotion For all types of businesses big and small whether you live in Miami, Africa or Asia. Video promotion and video advertisement is our specialty. We have created video advertisement for every type of business you can think of from doctors to new product startups. Web video promotion and advertisement can do many different things, whether you want to get noticed more on social media to drive customers to your website or you want to boost E-Commerce sales through video promotion.

Stop making excuses for your web video promotion campaign and start creating with Swiftadz.com. Increase sales, Drive traffic to your websites, and gain new followers and likes! Web video promotion increases online presence and can be filmed with a smartphone, edited and uploaded instantly online.

Contact us today at Swiftadz.com and we can give you a free quote and consultation whether you want to make an explainer video or a live model green screen production we are located in South Florida and can provide services worldwide. Swiftadz.com we make web video easy.

Web Video Promotion



Video Promotion

Video Promotion

Video promotion can be approached in so many ways, what do you want to make? A web video show on YouTube or daily video update on Instagram or Facebook the possibilities are endless; Live video is becoming easier and easier to do the technology is getting faster and better everyday. A computer, video switchers and cameras had to all work together to make a live broadcast in the past now all you have to do is click a button on your phone and you can broadcast directly from the palm of your hand through your cell phone over a wireless connection.


Video Promotion Works

Live promotion can put your brand product or business message in front of the public instantly going live on the internet has been around for decades but the speed was slow today everything is faster from processors to internet speeds now is the time for live video promotion. Create a schedule around company events to plan for Life broadcast to include online customers and viewers of your broadcasted events to be able to plan more effectively to engage viewers and entice visitors to your website for social media accounts.


Video promotion comes in all shapes and sizes, finding the most cost-effective method is the smartest way to increase your ROI and customer awareness globally. Video promotion that utilizes storytelling with images does not need much mental translation and can be more effective at reaching audiences across age groups and demographics. Multilingual video promotion such as saying hello in several languages, connects viewers to your content by bridging the language Gap and adding an international fuel to a promotional video. Sleek and simple advertisement and promotion leaves very little for the imagination, leaving more room for direct message understanding for many large branded companies this is the main strategy of minimalism and it works.

Video Promotion

Web Video

The single most powerful form of media today is the [web video]. Anywhere you look on the web you will find some sort of video. It’s the fastest way to transmit data, ideas, tutorials, educational content, do it yourself videos, anything literally anything can be translated to video or some kind of animation really the possibilities are endless. Web video by swiftadz is a great way to increase your business presence online. When you are looking to expand your business marketing though video, you have many options to choose from and making a great video to promote your business is the best way to start!

Web video promotion

Find the the time to observe what you think you want to produce exactly, then you can correctly give direction to get your video production completed! Swiftadz is here to help you through the entire production process from the the initial idea to the finished product. We can guide you through a variety of scenarios that can help you to figure out exactly what you want to produce and make it happen within your time frame and budget. Business web video is a powerful tool. Not only can you market your business on social media but as a SEO enhancing media for your website and Blog.

Contact Swiftadz.com today to get expert consultation support, service. Fill out our contact form and we will get back to you right away. Give us a call at 561-350-0675 and our team will answer any questions you have. Web video, explainer videos, animation, Graphic design, website design, audio design, motion graphics, web video tutorials and much more. Swiftadz.com offers ongoing video services as well as weekly and monthly plans to accommodate any budget. If you want to promote your business with video we can show you how. Visit Swiftadz.com today and let us show you how to make an amazing SEO driving web video for your business.

Web Video

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