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Freelancers Vs Egos in the workplace

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Freelancers – Traditional Workplace VS Working Smarter, healthier and for more money!! Future workplaces will look more like the computer in a¬†Freelancers house instead of a computer at your desk in a emotionless office building somewhere. Egos in the workplace and freelancing: The world of freelancing has its ups and a few downs here and […]

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Web Video Promotion

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web video promotion

Web Video Advertisement offers video promotion For all types of businesses big and small whether you live in Miami, Africa or Asia. Video promotion and video advertisement is our specialty. We have created video advertisement for every type of business you can think of from doctors to new product startups. Web video promotion and […]

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Video for websites

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video for websites

Video¬†is the fastest way to learn new information. We can all remember in school when the teacher put on the video instead of teaching us for the day. Video is information presented to you in a logical format that translates easily mentally. Video for websites can be one of the best tools to sell products; […]